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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball for Bearing

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball for Bearing

Item : CS60000-6

Details :

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball for Bearing
Si3N4 Ceramic Ball;
Grade: G3-G200
 Diameter Size : 0.4mm-140mm    
 Material: Silicon Nitride Ceramic( Si3N4)

(1). Chemical Characteristics
Density: 3.23 g/cm3 
Poisson’s Ratio: 0.26
Hardness: 1500 MPa
Flexural Strength: 720 Mpa
Fracture Toughness, K: 6.2 MPa·m1/2
Thermal Conductivity :25 W/m·k
Electrical Resistivity :Min.1050 Ω·mm2/m
Max.Use temperature: 1050 °C

(2). Advantage:
Compared with steel ball, ceramic ball has following advantages:
a. 59% lighter than steel ball, which means less centrifugal force and less wear on the groove during high speed and acceleration.
b. 44% larger elastic modulus, which means less deformation under load
c. Harder with Rockwell hardness as 78
d. Smaller friction coefficient
e. Only 1/4 coefficient of thermal expansion of steel, can endure sharp fluctuation of temperature
f. Superior s6urface finish can be achieved, Ra could be 4~6 nm
g. Can endure high temperature with high hardness and strength up to 1050°C
h. Never rust, and can roll without lubrication.
i. More corrosion resistant than steel.
j. Free of metal contamination.
k. Non-magnetic
l. Electric isolation
m. No adhesive-wear with metal

Si3N4 ball can be used in all bearings with special requirement: high speed bearing, high precision bearing; vacuum bearing; high/low temperature bearing, non-magnetic bearing, high precision ball screw; Si3N4 ball can also be used as valve ball and metering ball in chemical pump, high-temperature pump, metering pump. Si3N4 ball can also be used in linear slider for high temperature and corrosion resistance.
4.Products Range
Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball Si3N4    
Diameter: 0.4mm-140mm    

5. Si3N4 Ball Dimension Range and Grade

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