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Zirconium Oxide Powder

Zirconium Oxide Powder

Item : CSG-69007656

Details :

Our company have manufactured and supply all type zirconium oxide powder to our clients,  which are as following:

1 ) Monoclinic powder

2) Tetragonal spray dried powder

3) Tetragonal ultra fine powder 

4) Cubic ultra fine powder

5) Zirconium toughening alumina powder


Our company is an earliest high technology enterprise who apply themselves to the producing and development in zirconium materials and its products in China.

Depends upon our company’s abundant economic potentiality and the strict scientific management, through more than 10 years unremitting endeavors, and now we have already become the most famous enterprise in the structure ceramic field with the biggest scale and strongest influence, the strongest technology and the most comprehensive products.

We can produce the monoclinic ultra-fine powder, tetragonal powder and cubic powder in stability and big quantity by co-precipitation process. Taking the yttrium stabilization zirconium powder as the example, the main properties are as below.

 Packaging and Delivery

1) Plastic woven bag with plastic liner bag. Net weight 25KG/bag.

2) Plastic barrel/ durm with plastic liner bag. Net weight 25KG/ bareel (drum)

3) According to the customers' requirements to pack if they need other special packing


Within 6-10 days after you place the order to our factory

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