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Zirconium Ceramic Substrate (Plate)

Zirconium Ceramic Substrate (Plate)

Item : CSG-20061868

Details :

Zirconium Ceramic Substrate Plate


1 Wear- and corrosion-resistant products

  for the grinding and dispersion of coating, textile and pigment

2  High-strength and high-toughness products

  for the grinding of magnetic material, piezoelectric ceramics, insulation and other functional materials


2. Application:

It can be widely used in sealing device in petroleum, medicine, chemical, mobile manufacture

Zirconia YTP Ceramic Substrate Plate
材料物理力学性能  Physical and Mechanical Properties of Material
性能 Property Zirconia  YTZ
成分Composition( wt%) 94.80%
密度 Density (g/cm3) ≥6.01
硬度(HV)  Hardness (kg/mm2) ≥1250
热膨账系数(x10-6/ oC (Room temp.〜500 oC)                                                                                             Coefficient of thermal expansion                                                                                                   9.6
弹性模量 Elasticity modulus (Gpa) 205
泊松比  Poisson's ratio 0.3
弯曲强度(Mpa) Bending  strength (Room temperature) 1150
弯曲强度(Mpa) Bending  strength (700 oC) 210
断裂韧度(Mpa.m1/2)   Fracture toughness                                                     8-10
热导率 Thermal Conductivity W.(m.k) 2.5
晶体大小 Grain size (um)                                                                                     0.5
Acid and alkali corrosion resistance performance Excellent


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