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Zirconium Ceramic Substrate Plate

Zirconium Ceramic Substrate Plate

Item : CSG-20061868

Details :

Zirconium Ceramic Substrate (Plate)


1 Wear- and corrosion-resistant products

  for the grinding and dispersion of coating, textile and pigment

2  High-strength and high-toughness products

  for the grinding of magnetic material, piezoelectric ceramics, insulation and other functional materials


2. Application:

It can be widely used in sealing device in petroleum, medicine, chemical, mobile manufacture

Zirconia YTP Ceramic Part
材料物理力学性能  Physical and Mechanical Properties of Material
性能 Property Zirconia  YTZ
成分Composition( wt%) 94.80%
密度 Density (g/cm3) ≥6.01
硬度(HV)  Hardness (kg/mm2) ≥1250
热膨账系数(x10-6/ oC (Room temp.〜500 oC)                                                                                             Coefficient of thermal expansion                                                                                                   9.6
弹性模量 Elasticity modulus (Gpa) 205
泊松比  Poisson's ratio 0.3
弯曲强度(Mpa) Bending  strength (Room temperature) 1150
弯曲强度(Mpa) Bending  strength (700 oC) 210
断裂韧度(Mpa.m1/2)   Fracture toughness                                                     8-10
热导率 Thermal Conductivity W.(m.k) 2.5
晶体大小 Grain size (um)                                                                                     0.5
Acid and alkali corrosion resistance performance Excellent


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